Disney sale approved by Marvel shareholders

Iron Man, the Incredible Hulk, Fantastic Four and all of Marvel’s other creations now reside at the House of Mouse.

According to the Associated Press, Marvel Entertainment’s shareholders have approved the company’s acquisition by Disney. The $4.3 billion sale is expected to be approved by the end of the day.

So why should any self-respecting geek be geeked out by the potential of a ruthless corporate overlord machine turning Marvel’s great characters into a merchandising slaughterhouse? Two words: Pixar, Muppets.

Pixar’s creative edge has not been tainted by Disney’s ownership in the least. The movies coming from Pixar have gotten better and better since Toy Story hit the silver screen. And the Muppets have enjoyed a resurgence of sorts on the Disney Channel — it’s nice to see Kermit, Piggy and others doing actual creative things instead of hocking for Long John Silver’s. For instance:

Sure, the Marvel purchase is a move to reach boys who just aren’t into the Jonas Brothers and Hannah Montana, and there are bound to be many more awful movies based on Marvel characters. But bad movies about Marvel characters has been the rule, lately. You saw Fantastic Four: Rise of the Silver Surfer, right? Marvel is still going to be in the comic-making business. This might free up the artists to try something other than superheroes, as Mark Bernadin of EW suggests.

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