Fuddruckers closing? Say it ain’t so

Man, this is my third post on a new blog dedicated to irrational exuberance, and I’m already depressed about something. Fuddruckers, the place with the ginormous burgers on Seventh Street, is now closed. And I didn’t even get a chance to nosh a final 2/3-pound bacon and cheddar burger.

My family was full of fans for the place. All it did was make good burgers, good fries and good chicken strips. Some have argued that it was too expensive compared to other burger joints, but have you been by some of those other joints? The prices were perfect for what you got.

One of the last times I went was on Halloween, and I was having an awful day. I was tired and starving from trick-or-treating with my stepson. I remember being mad about something, too, but I can’t remember. ANYWAY, we drove all the way across town to have some burgers at the place. Our order was called and I went to pick it up. When I got to the counter, the lady behind it was placing the bacon on my burger. I said, “You know, if you want to throw a few extra slices on there,” fully expecting to get a “ha-ha, you and everyone else” type of answer. Instead, she PILED on the bacon. If bacon could be slathered, she slathered my burger with pork. She made my night.

I’m sad to see it closed. Not geeked out today — bummed out.

One thought on “Fuddruckers closing? Say it ain’t so

  1. Do you KNOW that I never ate at Fuddrucker’s. Not even ONCE. I know I went inside once to look for you or your sister or dad once, but that was IT.

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