3-D TVs, e-book readers, netbooks flood CES

The latest weather reports are only side reasons why I wish I was in Las Vegas. The 2010 Consumer Electronics Show (CES) is slated to start tomorrow, but some media groups have already gotten sneak peeks at the tech on display.

One of those groups was Wired News, which published this video report. According to the report, 3-D TVs, e-book readers and netbooks are the dominating products at the show.

The report expressed some interest in the Lenovo Skylight netbook (pictured above), which is really a computer with the guts of a smart phone. Instead of using Intel’s Atom processor, Lenovo partnered with Qualcomm and used its Snapdragon chip, which features an operating system built on Linux.

The Skylight is reported to weigh less than 2 pounds and feature a 10-inch screen, WiFi and 3G connectivity and 10-hour battery life. As for that Linux, the OS has been customized so that customers used to Windows won’t suffer any “exposure to Linux.”

10 hours of power? Heck yeah! I’d be thrilled with eight. As much as I love my Acer netbook, I can’t go far from an outlet.

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