Watch Party: Get Lost with the Globe

The newsroom is full of Lost fans, and we are all geeked out about the upcoming, final season about our favorite TV addiction. So much so that we want to share the thrill of the last season’s first episode.

The Globe will host a Lost watch party from 7 to 10 p.m. on Feb. 2 at Columbia Traders. On tap: A night of watching the two-hour premiere. We’ll have Lost trivia contests, so brush up on your Geronimo Jackson knowledge. The Joplin Public Library will be on hand with books featured in the show. And Paula, my amazing, Kate-hating wife, has found a fish biscuit recipe. Don’t worry, they don’t taste anything like fish.

We’ll announce more when it gets closer to the date. Until then, enjoy this picture, and we’ll see you there! Namaste!

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2 thoughts on “Watch Party: Get Lost with the Globe

  1. mrshadsall says:

    Kate isn’t the character I hate. Well, not on a regular basis anyway. Has it been so long since last season that you have forgotten my deep and abiding hatred of Juliet? I can see where you might have gotten confused, considering Season 5 made me hate pretty much all of the characters, with the exception of Hurley.

    And yet I still love this show. Go figure…

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