Lost Watch Party details: Contest, free drinks!

A few more details about our Lost Watch party, from 7 to 10 p.m. tonight at Columbia Traders:

  • Think you know your Dharma from karma? Know the differences between Scott and Steve? Remember the name of the teacher who got exploded? Put your knowledge to the test. During commercials, we will ask a few trivia questions. The one who answers the most will win a T-shirt from the Lost store at ABC.com. (Man, I should have ordered that party kit.) Namaste and good luck!
  • Your beverages during the night are on us. Find me (Joe) during the night and I’ll give you a cup you can fill with soda or coffee all night.
  • Along the lines of refreshments, I got busted sneaking one of Paula’s fish biscuits. It was tasty.
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2 thoughts on “Lost Watch Party details: Contest, free drinks!

  1. Matt says:

    I’m ready for the trivia!

  2. Chuck Branchj says:


    Congrats and good luck this weekend; you Saint’s fans have waited a long, long, OK really long time to be there, so enjoy!!


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