“Lost” better frickin’ answer these questions

Truth be told, I’m still kind of puffy-eyed from “The Candidate,” Tuesday’s episode of Lost. I made it through Sun and Jin’s tearful tribute to “The Abyss,” only I knew Bud wasn’t going to beat on Lindsey’s chest, scream “FIIIIIIIGHT!” and bring her back to life. I kept it together when their clasped hands were shown drifing apart. But my eyes welled when Hurley started bawling on the beach.

Though the episode didn’t answer any of the Island’s big questions, it set the table for the end game. All the cards are on the table between Jack and the Locke-ness Monster (sorry to steal your nickname for the Locke/Smoke Monster combo, Doc Jensen): The two have pushed all in. Widmore and the trio of Richard, Ben and Miles are still figuring out their play.

And the producers decided to add 30 minutes to the two-hour finale. That gives plenty of time to get some big questions answered. There are a ton of questions floating (see video below), and the producers have said that not everything will get answered, but here’s a wish list from Scott Meeker, Paula Hadsall and me, and we’re fairly certain that if answers don’t come, we’ll beat our head against walls, curse the producers’ names and scream “WHY DID WE WASTE SIX YEARS OF OUR LIVES?”

~ Why are the numbers so important and prevalent? The closest reason we have is that they corresponded to names of candidates. But the twitchy guy Hurley played Connect Four with in the mental hospital muttered them over and over. The numbers were looping on a transmission that brought Rousseaux’s team to investigate. And Dharma notched those numbers on the hatch that ended up being ‘sploded. What is so magical about them?

~ What are the origins of Dharma? Founder Alvar Hanso has never been a character on the show, but he has been a canonical outsider. How did Dharma discover the Island and what was their purpose for it? Season 5 had a lot of time to address this, and never did.

~ What is the Smoke Monster? Evil spirit? Nanotech? How did it get there?

~ What made the candidates worthy of being candidates? Was it simply Jacob’s touch? Or did they have to pass character tests?

~ What civlization was on the Island? That Tawaret statue didn’t get there by itself; some people had to build it. Given that Tawaret is Egyptian, is there a connection with other Nile-area deities? Was Jacob a member of that group? And how did those people end up there? Are “Adam and Eve,” the corpses found in the cave, descendants of those people?

~ Why was Walt so special? He was kidnapped, tested and called a very special boy. But after he escaped, the Island said, “Meh.” Is there some bigger picture for Walt? Or, like Mr. Herbert from “The Family Guy,” did the Island lose interest once Walt grew up?

~ Why does Hurley see dead people? Or, in other words, what’s the difference between the dead people Hurley plays chess with, and the Smoke Monster’s manifestations?

Here’s a few more questions out there:

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One thought on ““Lost” better frickin’ answer these questions

  1. globesmeek says:

    This is a wild theory that I’ve come up with … I think Locke is really the smoke monster..

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