Lost no more: Final episode airs

Lost, I’m going to miss you.

There are countless bloggers, critics and others pounding keys furiously right now, going into all their theories, what questions were left unanswered, etc. There are many of my questions that will remain questions, much to my consternation. TLP (The Lovely Paula Hadsall, my wife) has others. I’m a little saddened that my theory about the Smoke Monster being in the cabin the whole time — thus giving orders to Ben about “Jacob’s” wishes — was never proven. (But, it was never disproven, either, so that’s something.)

That being said, I loved the finale. Or at least I would have, had KODE-TV decided to not cut in early with a Quapaw Casino commercial. For those of us who watched the show on KODE, we didn’t miss much. While the TV station was busy airing its error, Jack closed his eyes and died (reversing the first show’s opening shot), and the traditional Lost end screen showed.

I loved the ending. The Sideways world being revealed as a type of friendly, custom-made, leave-when-you’re-ready purgatory was a great way to tie the two worlds together. This second world gave the characters extra chances to find new redemptions (more on characters in a few sentences), and it set the table for a spiritually satisfying end. I could gripe about what got answered and what didn’t, but I think it’s enough to know that the plane made it off the Island successfully, Hurley had a hell of a run as an Island protector (did anyone else relish the irony of Ben being a great No. 2?) and Jack died having finally fixed something. And when Vincent trotted over and laid down next to Jack, tears welled up. Perfect.

There are those who wanted technical answers. For a while, I wanted to know whether the Smoke Monster was a bunch of supercharged nanotech particles or a sentient patch of electrically charged aether. However, Lost has never really dabbled in that sort of minutiae. This is a character driven show, so I’m fine with the Smoke Monster being the unnamed Man in Black. That transformation happened at the beginning of this season, but I didn’t know that had happened until I had watched “Across the Sea” without getting really angry.

That’s why the most moving part of the finale for me was Jack laughing in the pool of light, after he had replaced that large stopper back in the vent. His driving need to fix things was finally sated after he fixed not just any old thing, but the most important thing on the planet, the source of light, goodness and whatever else people believe is the Island’s magic. I’m OK not knowing the details. I’m just thankful that redemption and fulfillment finally arrived for him.

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