“Inception” lives up to all the hype

It’s not often that a movie lives up to the hype, but “Inception” does it. It’s been called the best movie of the summer, the summer’s only great adult movie, the next big thing in sci-fi, the next “Matrix” and more. It’s all true. Go see it. Now. Skip work if you have to.

Christopher Nolan has done an incredible job in creating Nebuchadnezzer’s nightmare — a journey into the layers of consciousness found inside our own heads when we dream. The action is great, the special effects are dizzying, but what makes this movie excellent is that the story drives each and every loud boom.

Everything you have seen in trailers and commercials — from the huge freight train plowing through a downtown intersection to gravity defying scenes featuring spinning hotel hallways — has a reason for being there that relates directly to the story.

As to what that story is: I don’t want to spoil anything for you. Just go see it. “Inception” is a true mindbender that will be remembered alongside the greatest sci-fi movies ever made.

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