Spades are cool, but skulls suck

I love huge posters that look like cards. Skulls are dumb. But this one looks kinda badass. Don’t know if I should frame this or hide it. Can you empathize with my dilemma?

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One thought on “Spades are cool, but skulls suck

  1. anonomous says:

    Well… unless it was a gift why would you pay for something and then hide it? Further skulls aren’t “dumb” that’s a matter of opinion. If they aren’t your thing then that’s fine, but there are others who would find them acceptable.

    Honestly, if you wouldn’t frame it and display it then why not ebay it off to someone who will appreciate it’s value? Honestly the question to display or hide it is about as asinine as Rebecca Black trying to decide which seat she should take on the car ride to school.

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