Why did ‘Invader Zim’ get canceled, again?

We just bought the booger a new GIR backpack from Hot Topic. The store has had an “Invader Zim” section for years. The cartoon franchise is one of the store’s top sellers, right up there with “Hello Kitty.”

Why did that show get canceled, again?

6 thoughts on “Why did ‘Invader Zim’ get canceled, again?

  1. johnnykaje says:

    Because network executives don’t know how to handle anything slightly offbeat?

    • Joe Hadsall says:

      True dat. But network executives usually recognize opportunities to profit…

      • johnnykaje says:

        Ha ha! No they don’t. The example of television network executives is the one and only nail needed for the coffin of free market wisdom.

        Suits are especially flighty, ditzy beasts, and quite possibly the dumbest creatures imaginable. I don’t know if all corporate executives are like them, or if it’s particular to the entertainment industry (these are usually people who wanted to get in the creative side, and didn’t have the chops).

        They will let petty vindictiveness dictate their decisions. They will ignore there own market and try to rope in marketing groups they have no shot of getting. They think that they know better about entertaining people than actual professional entertainers.

        More examples besides Invader Zim? One word: “SyFy.” The heads of that network are infamous for having an active distaste for anything genre. So they cancel shows with loyal (and cash-laden) fanbases, and bringing in wrestling.

        I’m obviously not in the business, but I follow stuff written by people who are (Jhonen Vasquez, John Kricfalusi, Ursula K. Le Guin) and even a few written by these suits (all forgettable business-ese). There are pllenty of horror stories and I don’t have reason to doubt them.

        To be fair, there’s also many vice-versa horror stories, like the poor crew members that have to put up with Christian Bale, John Kricfalusi*, Charlie Sheen etc. Again, it may just be the business.

        *Yeah, he’s both victim and victimizer. Nobody’s perfect.

      • johnnykaje says:

        That was too much sincerity out of me. Enjoy Tales of Worm Paranoia in penance.

  2. johnnykaje says:

    And are generally incompetent?

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