Hooky day planned: ‘Bioshock Infinite’ release date announced

I know what I’m doing on Oct. 16: I’m going airborne. “Bioshock: Infinite” will release on that day.

Y’all know how I feel about the “Bioshock” franchise, and I’m already on record as saying that “Infinite” will be epic. And that was before I read about 1999 mode.

And I alluded to this in the column I wrote for Enjoy back in December, but let me be more specific: The “Bioshock” franchise is marked by an Ayn Randian world, development of abilities, making moral choices and paying the price for them — not shooting things underwater, Rapture, Big Daddies or Little Sisters. When the announcement of this first game got made back in 2010, I saw all kinds of worrywarts comment that the sky-city would ruin the spirit of the game. However, people who paid attention understood that “Infinite” is definitely a Bioshock game. And I can’t help noticing that all the worrywarts were silenced by the gameplay videos.

I just hope I can finish “Skyrim” in time. I can finish that game by October, right? Maybe with a few more hooky days…

If you haven’t seen the gameplay trailer from E3, getcha popcorn:

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