Singer’s pitch down, but energy up on Passion Pit’s new album

While I’m not a fan of most pop music, I’m a sucker for indie pop. Foster the People, OK Go, Sleigh Bells, Joe Hedges, MGMT — I could listen to all those bands all day and not miss prog-rock much.

File Passion Pit in with that group. The band’s second full-length album, “Gossamer,” is slated for release on Tuesday. Thanks to NPR streaming it on its site, I’ve preordered the album on iTunes to get a bonus track.

While Michael Angelakos continues to use his almost signature falsetto, the notes aren’t as high as they usually are. In fact, I don’t think he hits any notes higher than the ones in “Make Light,” from “Manners.” The lower notes make the songs on Gossamer feel evolved and more cohesive.

Much like its first album, “Gossamer” is driven by keyboards and samples, and features a charged, energetic pace that masks some of the pensive, morose lyrics. There’s some clever passages, too, in a style reminiscent of “Sleepyhead” — again from the first album. But there are many more influences, including some Imogen Heap-style engineered harmonies, some Modest Mouse marching mirth and even some throwbacks to R&B slow jams.

“Take a Walk,” the album’s opener, is an anthemic testament to aging, if such a subject can be anthemic. But I’ve played that song more times than I can count. I also like the hectic sampling in “I’ll Be Alright,” the power choruses in “Constant Conversations” and the layers in “Mirrored Sea.” There’s a lot of variety and gear-changing in “Gossamer,” giving the album a lot of replay value. And each song features a myriad of musical lines that will keep sharp-eared listeners discovering new things for months.

Fans have been waiting for this album for three years; it’s worth the wait.

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